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Short Movie: “Waldesnacht”

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Kino Dynamique Jena: This time I couldn’t resist doing a movie myself. The result can be seen here, it’s pretty self-explanatory. Waldesnacht (Johannes Brahms) is sung by the King’s Singers – Buy their CD’s! – they are great.



“Der Besondere Kuss” short movie from KDJ festival

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The Kino Dynamique Jena (KDJ) festival offered a spot for filmmakers from all over the world to meet and work together producing short movies. They got 60 hours of time for developing an initial idea, filming, cutting, post-processing and presenting the movies in a public screening at the Schillerhof cinema – plenty of time so to say
Nico Herzog came up with the Idea to visualize the flute playing and the sounds coming from the instrument. Izabela Spaleniak and me used the opportunity to help out Nico playing a improvised voiceless dialog with our flutes. The title “Der Besondere Kuß” actually originates from an article by Arthur Schopenhauer, who stated that the flute player’s lips actually form the shape of a special gentle kiss rather for a beloved one than for an instrument. Probably, this is one reason for the very special relation between flautists and their instruments – I like that idea

See the result:

Thank you Iza, Nico and Mathias for your support and of course: Thanks to the people who organized the festival!

Also have a look at some other movies produced at the festival here!