me_freak1Fascinated by the sound colors and the expressiveness of wind instruments Stephan came up with the wish to play the flute at the age of 16 after he enjoyed a classical piano and singing education for many years. Especially the fact that each flutist can achieve his own individual and distinguishable sound and the closeness between the breath of the player and the sound of the instrument (there is no reed or mouthpiece) wakened his enthusiasm to play this instrument. It took about a year for him to collect and save the money for his first student flute. Then it was love at first sight. Since these days Stephan was working with the instrument to realize his own ideas of sound. And he achieved it in his style of playing which combines colorful sounds, harmonics, percussive effects, fast fingers, uncommon scales and effects that lead to a highly expressive and emotional flute experience.
 Stephan has performed in hundreds of shows with various international artists in Germany, France, Finland, India, Thailand, Laos, Austria and Egypt.


Stephans main instrument is the classical concert flute. He plays the unique Matit Carbon Fiber Flute (Serial T10) which provides an amazing bandwidth of sound colors and is best suited for advanced and unconventional flute techniques. However Stephan can provide even a wider variety of musical expression by playing bass and piccolo flute.
 He also uses the Akai EWI (electronic wind instrument), a wind controlled synthesizer for music that benefits from synthetic voices and sound patterns.


1991 – 1998 Piano Lessons at the Public Music School Johann Adam Hiller in Görlitz
1994 – 1996 Music theory and Composition Lessons with Thomas Stapel
1994 – 2000 Student at the Music and Art Gymnasium Augustum Görlitz
1997 – 2001 Singing Lessons by Anke Elisabeth Bertram
since 1998 Flute
2005 – 2006 studies of classical indian flute with Nagaraj Sandupatla and Chetan Vibhal in Pune and Mumbai, India

Influential Artists

Jorge Pardo, Chick Corea, John McLaughlin, Harriprasad Chaurasia, Jeremy Steig, Miles Davis, Rahsaan Roland Kirk, Bill Tilman, Dave Valentine, Michael Brecker, Maxence Larrieu, Michala Petri, Peter-Lukas Graf.



Seelenküche (seelenkueche.de)
Stephan was one of the founders of this well known project (2003). That is one of the most important and best known cultural hubs of the city of Jena. The group presented their program in over a hundred shows at various locations all over Germany (i.e. Jena, Lüneburg, Leipzig, Jazz Club Bamberg,  Weimar). Their music unites elements of Jazz, Funk, Soul, Latin and Pop with experimental sounds to create a unique intoxicating musical experience for audience and the musicians.  They produced various recordings, i.e. the album “Pnast!” which was officially released in 2007. Stephan left this project in 2008.

The Dandy Desmond Doping Tour (dandydesmond.com)
Is a project founded by Jörg Breitbart (keys), Martin Hünneger (guit), Tim Helbig (drums) and Stephan (flutes and EWI) in 2008. Their music is just different. The aim of their repertoire is to alienate the audience and force them to rethink the common concepts of music – a relief for creative but unconventional musical ideas and potentials. (Neue Musik)

Olmar (olmarmusic.com)
In summer 2008 Maren Fritsche (Seelenküche, Digital Riot) and Oliver Jahn (Los Banditos) came together in this new project that abandons complex theories in favor of a clear musical language. It tries to present a simple but emotional and honest style of music. Stephan joined this project in autumn 2008 as a guest musicians and step by step became a fixed member of the group. Although the group is quite new they performed already in various locations in Germany and even toured in a fusion project with the Tass Brothers through Egypt. In 2009 the band released their album “Relations”.

Contact & Impressum

Stephan S. Hepper
email:  (pgp key)
phone: +49 176 96034617

Jener Gasse 12
07743 Jena